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    Spoken widely around the world as both a native and foreign language, Spanish is one of the most popular choices for study. It's quickly growing in th ...

    Chinese (Mandarin)

    Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken dialect in China. Whether you are planning to travel to China for fun or need to visit for business, knowin ...


    A perennial favorite for culture lovers and travelers, French is a mainstay in the language learning world. French is spoken widely around the world a ...

"Those who know many languages live as many lives as the languages they know."‒Czech proverb

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    01 Feb 2016 admin

    Spring 2016 class schedule now available!

    Our Spring 2016 class schedule is now live and open for registration! We'll be offering Level 1 classes at the following locations: Seattle Kirkland Our spring session is 10 weeks and each weekly class is 2 ...
    16 Feb 2016 Khia Johnson

    All About Level One

    You might be asking yourself who level one classes are for, and the answer is... lots of people! Whether you've never been exposed to Chinese, took French a long time ago, or know some Spanish but are terrified to use it ...