Level One Classes

Level one meets 2 hours per week, and is for complete beginners or those who want to start from scratch. In 10 weeks, students will be introduced to the sound and feel of the language, while learning to communicate in various real life situations.

Each aspect of communication is equally emphasized in level one — listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These skills are taught totally in language, and with absolutely no boring drills!

Course materials include a detailed syllabus, our own workbook and study guide. Students are invited and encourages to come out to Sponge language meetups, happening at rotating locations in Seattle and on the Eastside. It’s a excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people, and to have fun practicing.

After completing level one, students will be able to:

  1. Greet others, give personal information, ask for personal information, and describe themselves and others.
  2. Express what they like to do in their free time, where they like to go for fun, when they like or want to do those things, and how to invite others to join.
  3. Order at a culturally authentic restaurant, go shopping, and plan a short trip or vacation.

Whether you’re learning a language for business, pleasure, or enrichment, level one will provide the foundation for communicating confidently and competently in lots of important situations of daily life.

Traveling soon? Level one is the perfect base to help you get around!

Spring classes start March 14th!

Level 2 coming 5/23/16