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A Golden Opportunity


Research shows that language learning increases cognitive ability for senior learners. Aside from the social benefits of exploring a different culture and learning new ways to communicate, learning a new language delays the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s as it increases the strength and agility of the brain.

Sponge partners with retirement communities to bring the joy of language learning to senior learners through our regularly scheduled French, German, Japanese, and Spanish classes. 

All of our classes are designed to be engaging and effective. We think the best way to learn a language is to be immersed in it and having fun. Our students learn a new language and discover world culture through exploration and hands-on activities.

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Announcing 2019 Language Classes for Adults


Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Or are you going on a trip where you would like to learn some key conversational skills? Come join us for an hour a week and learn a new language! We will explore a variety of relevant themes in an immersion setting and focus on comprehension and conversation.

You might be asking yourself who these classes are for, and the answer is… lots of people! Whether you’ve never been exposed to Chinese, took French a long time ago, or know some Spanish but are terrified to use it — this class is for you. It’s a beginners’ class, but it’s a beginners’ immersion class, so you’ll get lots of practice in language right off the bat. (Even if you have a little bit of background!)

Want to learn more? Explore our Educational Philosophy and detailed Level One description.

If you’re ready for more advanced instruction right now, we offer custom tutoring. It’s the best way to learn at your level from our wonderful teachers!

Classes start March 11th 2019. You can see the full schedule and register here.

Start Your Private Class Now!


In need of customized language instruction? We now offer private classes and 1:1 tutoring tailored to your needs!

For in-person tutoring, we have the following packages:

  • $60/hr
  • $540 for 10 hours
  • $960 for 20 hours

We also offer instructor-led online tutoring via a video-conference platform, with the following packages:

  •     1 session (30 mins): $30/session
  •     10 session package: $210
  •     20 sessions: $400
  •     40 sessions: $750

Book an introductory session for English as a Second Language (ESL), French, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish Tutoring  or contact us at to find out more!