22 Jan 2019 admin

    Announcing 2019 Language Classes for Adults

    Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Or are you going on a trip where you would like to learn some key conversational skills? Come join us for an hour a week and learn a new language! We will explore ...
    19 Feb 2019 Rachael

    A Golden Opportunity

    Research shows that language learning increases cognitive ability for senior learners. Aside from the social benefits of exploring a different culture and learning new ways to communicate, learning a new langua ...
    12 Dec 2018 admin

    Start Your Private Class Now!

    In need of customized language instruction? We now offer private classes and 1:1 tutoring tailored to your needs! For in-person tutoring, we have the following packages: $60/hr $540 for 10 hours $ ...